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October 24, 2008

Support 101

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This article from Linux Watch mentions some simple but big truths about what you should expect from your software provider (this case is about Red Hat, but should apply to everyone).

…Red Hat has the usual “tiered support — tier 1, 2, and 3 — we try to push as much technical expertise as possible into levels 1 and 2. That’s so that we can try to solve our customer problems at the first interaction.”  “97 percent of all problems are resolved by the first line of support.” Typically, Red Hat deals with approximately, “7,000 issues per month.” 

 “24×7, though, is taken as a given. What customers really want to know is can you support the whole environment where Linux is the part of the package.” 

“I think there are two areas that our customers really appreciate in our support. The first is that we are experts on our own technology (shouldn’t be obvious? Would you call an mechanic expert in Honda, to repair your Renault? Of course that he will know about it, but you will look for someone with concentrated expertise, unless you can’t find or…you can’t afford it, or there is no one close to you. This is when a new market of system integrators and multilevel experts come to the party…).


“Most of our customers know how to find Linux support online, so when they come to us they’re looking for higher level of expertise and we deliver it.”

“The second is how well we interact with our other partners in the overall IT ecosystem. As Linux adoption is driven deeper into datacenter, we never forget that we’re not working in a vacuum. We need to work with Oracle, Sybase, EMC, and so on. When customers come to us they’re, looking for a single throat to choke for support, and we try to deliver the goods” 

Ok, but isn’t this obvious? Isn’t it the same expectation that you have when you bring your car to the workshop to check your engine? If it has a flat tire, a battery to replace and a radio to repair, if you can, then you would love to have it done for one guy at one place. You know that he will have the connections with the specialists…and charge you for his time searching and integrating the parts for you. You just want your car back and working asap.

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