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November 2, 2008

Debugging Parallel Programs

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From an article we found that TotalView Technologies, a provider of interactive analysis and debugging tools for serial and parallel codes, announced that its TotalView® Debugger is playing a critical role in the advancement of parallel computing in the academic world, as a number of higher educational institutions have adopted the debugger to simplify the development of their parallel processing applications.

“Stanford University developers are creating programs that require large-scale, massively parallel computing resources to enable computationally intensive research, and it is critical for us to provide them with the most advanced tools to enhance their efforts,” said Steve Jones, director of Stanford University’s High-Performance Computing Center. “We are constantly striving to keep our High-Performance Computing Center at the forefront of this technology revolution, and partnering with TotalView Technologies, an established leader in the field of interactive analysis and debugging of serial and parallel codes for the most sophisticated software applications, helps us to achieve that.”

As parallel programming continues to become more widely adopted, academic institutions are aggressively expanding their education and research efforts in this area. TotalView Technologies has a long history of working with the academic community, making it easier for software developers of all experience levels to build and maintain complex applications on multi-processor platforms. The TotalView Debugger, a comprehensive source code analysis and debugging tool, dramatically enhances and simplifies the process of debugging parallel, data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded or network-distributed applications.

“Many of today’s academic institutions are affected by a shortage of software developers with experience in complex programming methods such as parallelism and concurrency,” said Chris Gottbrath, product manager at TotalView Technologies. “By enabling academic developers to more easily develop new technology applications to solve complicated research problems, TotalView Technologies is helping to alleviate this problem and advancing the research efforts of higher educational institutions worldwide.”

TotalView’s website is full of interesting material, like a white paper on Memory Debugging in Parallel and Distributed Applications, released in September 2008.

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