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January 29, 2009

NZ is not that far…

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In less than a week, I met a number of people involved in Parallel Computing, the Cloud, the Grid and Open Source and quoted in the Multicore NZ report. All of them here, at the CBD of Wellington, NZ

Yes, it was a conference, the Australasian Computer Science Week, but not all of them were here for that.

Wednesday 21, I enjoyed a glass of wine with Ian Foster, while we discussed how multicore will become mainstream (possibly through applications in media or games) and how make the untapped talent existing in NZ (his words) better known even in NZ. Ian mentioned as an example the event Running Hot of young scientists in NZ. It also happened here, in Wellington…

Other topic of our conversation was around the blog of the Computing Community Consortium: the tags that are more visited are multicore and multicore parallel. We discussed all four posts, from Dan Reed (Microsoft), Marc Snir (UIUC), Andrew Chien (Intel) and Dave Patterson (Berkeley). Of all four of them, Ian knows three except Patterson (but I met him long time ago), so we just shared ideas about how a network like that could be orientated towards a concept like MulticoreNZ

The blog is worth reading, by the way…

On Friday 23, I attended Andy Hopper’s presentation (Computing for the future of the planet) at the conference, and we had an interesting ideas exchange in public about how multicore could (or not) solve some issues…I found the link to the presentation given in Google a few months ago, it is pretty similar to the Wellington one and shows a very compelling image about how NZ is one of the best places in the world to place a server farm…

Andy is the HOD of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.

I attended the presentation with Ken Hawick, from the Parallel Computing Centre of Massey University (Auckland) (also quoted in MulticoreNZ)

Finally, on Monday I spent many hours chatting and listening to presentations given by Simon Phipps (and having lattes and locally brewed beers, wouldn’t be possible to add all that time in normal conditions…), Chief Open Source Officer of Sun Microsystems…we discussed many topics, including the Cloud and Virtual Worlds, not to mention his vision of Multithreading that will give better solutions than parallel programming…His essays on software freedom are worth reading…

My point is about how NZ, so far but at the same time close for specific talent that have interest in similar areas, could take advantage of the willingness of these talented people to collaborate with NZ scientists.

Our distance becomes an easy way to distinguish ourselves, people is keen to be positive about what we do here. Just the links of this post give a number of clues for opportunities and avenues to pursue, with or without the collaboration of the people mentioned.

Which would be the model for it? Who will be driving it? When will start? How will be founded?

Sometimes the questions are more important than the answers…

Nicolas Erdody


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  1. […] Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet with Andy Hopper in Christchurch. We had a friendly and very interesting conversation for a couple of hours, around many topics. This encounter came as consequence of his presentation in Wellington in a conference (see post). […]

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