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March 6, 2009

Parallelism matters…from Jonathan Edwards

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“…these arguments force me to admit that parallelism is essential, that it is not just a performance obsession, and that current research on it could in the end be a good thing for programming overall. I still don’t feel like working on parallelism myself, mostly because I have burned out on it. I guess what really bothers me is the way that multicore is hyped up as the most important issue facing software. Parallelism matters, but we have way bigger problems, like figuring out how to not totally suck at programming”.

The text above comes from a blog from Jonathan Edwards…a gentleman that I “discovered” in the net today.

It is definitely worth to spend some time reading about his thoughts and work (all the links are in his blog), plus about his personal story

His post “too many cores, not enough brains” is an interesting contradiction of this one…

Finally, it’s enjoyable his post about his visit to CUSEC

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