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August 20, 2009

Intel keeps shopping: now it’s Rapid Mind

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A friend here in Wellington (who at the time was the employee #1 of Rapid Mind :-)) sent me the news: Intel just bought the Canadian company.

At their official blog they say “we are now part of Intel Corporation”…dated 19 of August (which is “today” in US time: in NZ we are “ahead” 🙂

James Reinders, from Intel also blogs about it: “The Rapidmind founders, engineering team and marketing team have joined Intel this week. Intel has acquired the Rapidmind products and technology.”

Is this a trend from Intel trying to consolidate its position as a leader in parallelisation?

Or are they just building a faster knowledge base for their hardware?

Both are very simplistic questions for a fast post: industry consolidation is common when new trends emerge.

But just see a couple of posts below in this blog and will see how Intel has been “shopping”.

First Wind River, then Cilk, now Rapid Mind…

What was just an update from what was happening -the first post re Wind River- and become an interesting “coincidence” with Cilk; now is more a fact / strategy that they are “out there” in buying mode.

Cisco did a similar strategy time ago when bought several high tech start ups as a way to accelerate its access to innovation (and judging for its position in the market, it worked well…)

Will be interesting to discuss these and other questions with James at the miniconference about Open Source, Multicore and Parallel Computing in Wellington, New Zealand in January 2010

What’s fascinating is how the trend is slowly consolidating itself: while I’m writing this, the ParLab summer course in Berkeley is happening simultaneously online.

However this trend is not a wave, looks more like a tide…and like many tides, not everyone is noticing it.

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