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September 1, 2009

Open Source, Multicore and Parallel Computing Miniconference at LCA2010

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I’m organising a Miniconf for lca2010 about Multicore and Parallel Computing.

You should visit its own page in this blog, where all the information is gathered.

This post covers general information about it.

Summary of the Miniconf proposal

Mainstream computing hardware is changing towards multicore processors: according to most forecasts they will be 100% adopted by 2011 worldwide in mobile, desktop and PC servers. Also, data will be processed in the range of petaflops in many industries. Given that there are millions of lines of legacy sequentially written code and legacy technology that needs to be changed to adjust to the new technology, we are facing the challenge of multicore hardware potential that will be only unveiled when programmers learn how to program in parallel.

The purpose of the Miniconf is to explore Open Source contributions (existent or in process) to the problem of developing parallel software. It aims to launch a conversation on how the OSS Community, the Education Sector, Scientists, Developers and Industry are looking at this “new” scenario.


Are you writing OSS code for applications that take advantage of the multicore architecture?

Or contributing to larger OSS projects that are working in the problem?

Or simply want to explore the potential of the new hardware and share your questions openly with all of us?


How do we need to teach Parallel Programming?

Using the traditional system in a classroom?

Would be the OSS model useful?

And why not teach OSS and PP together from scratch?

If these (or similar) are questions that you are discussing in your institution, why don’t come and share your ideas, findings and experiences with us?


Do you belong to one of these areas?

– Entertainment / Games / Rendering

– Weather / Climate

– Economic / Financial modelling

– Oil and Energy prospection

– Bioinformatics / Genetics

– Other / Other / Other!!!

Are you using or planning to use OSS and PP?

If so, which are the measurable improvements and benefits?

Come and share with us how do you envisage the future of your industry!


We invite you to show how your problems are being solved (or expected to be solved) using OSS and parallelisation.

Dialog between all of us will only contribute to better solutions!

The OSS model has been quoted as the best approach (Computer Architecture Vol. 4, No. 10 – December 2006 / January 2007)


“The fundamental problem is that we don’t have a really great solution… on how we’re going to change our programming languages…we’re really in the early stages of how we think about this… The amount of parallelism that programmers will have to deal with in the future will not be just two or four processors but tens or hundreds and thousands for some applications, then that’s a very different world than where we are today…The real change that has occurred is the free software movement. If you have a really compelling idea, your ability to get to scale rapidly has been dramatically changed”. (John Hennessy, President of Stanford University)

“Given that you won’t be able to buy a microprocessor with a single core in the near future, you might be optimistic that the proliferation of these multicore parallel architectures will enable the open source community to come up with something interesting”. (Kunle Olukotun, Stanford)

“If you want things to go faster, you’re going to have to do parallel computing…The open source community is a real nuts-and-bolts community. They need to get access to parallel machines to start innovating”. (David Patterson, Berkeley)

“The limit for multicore technologies is really a software issue, as programs must be fundamentally redesigned to take advantage of parallel processing on a large scale” (Jerry Bautista, Intel)

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