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Nicolás Erdödy is a seasoned high technology entrepreneur that established 15 start ups in different countries and industries. He spent decades designing and integrating systems and teams involving different areas of established organisations or creating them from scratch. Nicolás has full responsibility for value chain creation, from concept design to profitable operation and exit.

In early 2010, Nicolás established Open Parallel Ltd, a start up specialised in OSS, Multicore and Parallel Programming. Its first major project was sponsored by Intel and involves TBB applied to HipHop, Facebook’s open source software for big PHP websites

Nicolás is Director of Erdödy Consultancy Ltd, a professional services firm that conceptualises and deliver projects within business and corporations; supports the due diligence, establishment, funding and management of new ventures; and helps with market development of innovations and new technologies internationally.



ABOUT (Aug’09)

Below is the original “About” written in October 2008.  Fortunately things evolve in this world and the idea of Multicore NZ evolves as well. I’m more enthusiastic than ever about the vision of parallel programming as the answer to unveil the potential of multicore / manycore hardware, but after 10 months (Nov’08 – Aug’09) of being the Program Manager of a project called Open Source Learning Lab, I am also convinced that the Open Source model will be a key part of the solution.

The “About” page should tell the visitor who is the responsible of the blog. Let’s say that if you are really keen to learn about me, or simply  enjoy gossip like every human being, go to my LinkedIn full profile. Otherwise, let’s keep thinking about a Parallel Future (which now I believe that should start from school: even primary school pupils can learn to “think in parallel” if their teachers know how to expose them accordingly).

In the following months, this blog will be focused in LCA 2010, one of the main Linux conferences worldwide, to be held in Wellington, New Zealand, 18 – 23 January 2010.

In particular, I’m organising a miniconference for LCA2010 called “Open Source, Multicore and Parallel Computing” and its page is here. It aims to gather people from different sectors (Industry, Education, Academia, Developers, Scientists) to think about the Open Source model as part of the solution for Parallel Programming.

The call for presentations will open September 7, and the miniconference will be a full day on 18 of January (or 19, TBC).

Look forward to see you all in Wellington in January!!

Nicolás Erdödy,

Oamaru, NZ.

September 1st, 2009

If you wish to contact me, please use MulticoreNZ at gmail dot com, thanks.


(Original written in October 2, 2008)

Multicore NZ is an ecosystem. New Zealand has the potential to become a global hub on parallel programming and software for multicore and manycore systems. Erdödy Consultancy Limited was commissioned by the University of Otago and New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) to prepare a report on how Multicore Computing Systems could be the foundation of a new software industry in NZ. The report was delivered in October 2008. This blog opens the dialog about the ideas presented in the report and will be the place where more information will be stored. This blog only represents Erdödy Consultancy Ltd and has no other affiliation.



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  1. I’ve been in New Zealand. It can be a Centre of Excellence on Parallel Programming.
    However, many great parallel programming minds are in different contries around the world.
    As an example, Gaston Hillar wrote more than 40 books in Spanish. He is well-known in Spanish speaking Latin American countries and in Spain. A few weeks ago, Packt Publishing presented his new book (in English) about Parallel Programming with C#: “C# 2008 and 2005 threaded programming”. Awesome!
    The book is great. I am reading it and this man knows a lot about parallel programming.
    Professionals like Mr. Hillar are a great value for developers like me who are trying to understand multicore and parallel programming.
    I am from Madrid, Spain.

    Comment by Diego Fernandez Ortiz — February 12, 2009 @ 1:48 am

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